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Application Field

At present, Bosson Union is mainly ingaged in application fields of constructions, coatings, wood processing, adhesives, oil & gas and toner etc.. Bosson Union’s experts have been committed to the industry's better solutions, including product developmen in existing field, research and development product application performance, and new product development in new areas. Meet to provide customers more cost-effective high quality products and services with more cost-effective, better operational and application performance. Our solutions include improving product performance, durability, longer shelf life, high efficiency, and improving product quality etc.. Help customers solve problems in the application, make effective recommendations, reduce the customer's product costs, improve product profits. In general, Bosson Union is your trusted and entrusted long-term partners.

  • Alongwith social industrialization and rapid development of construction market,People put forward higher requirements for living environment and quality. Inthe field of residential and commercial buildings, the protective anddecorative requirements for build…

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  • BossonUnion’s chemicals for coating & paint is mainly related to interal &external wall latex paint, wall elastic paint, colorful paints, roof waterproofcoating, primer and finishing coatings, dry powder latex paint and diatom mudetc.. Our coating ap…

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    Coating & Paint
  • Adhesiveis a variety of stress materials, which own sticky substance, it can bond 2separate materieals together. There are three types of adhesives, liquid, pasteand dry powder. Bosson Union has series products for production and preparationof adhesives, incl…

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  • In the early 20 years of 20th century, new industriesbased on wood artificial board, and wood materials, wood products industryformed woodworking industry. Woodworking is based on wood as raw material,through mechanical or chemical processing; finished produc…

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  • Withrapid development of printer, the matching material, toner market has undergoneenormous changes. Chinese domestic Toner quality is getting better and better.It’s replacing toners from international competitors very fastly. Ensuringharmless to human body …

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  • Overthe next few decades, oil and gas will remain the world's major energy sources.With the development of oil exploration and development, the progress ofdrilling technology has put forward higher requirements for cementing, therequirements for performan…

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    Oil & Gas