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Plaster system

Plastering mortar is applied on concrete or bricks surface of buildings. Its function is leveling walls and provides basic protection for wall.

Celose® Cellulose Ether improves water retention for Cement hydration, operation time and workability of the mortar. Celose® Starch Ether supply outstanding antilip perforance, thickening, and improve workability.

TIONES® Retarders effectively control the seting time in gypsum based plaster mortar.
  • Gypsum base plaster is madeby gypsum as main binder, by adding cellulose ether, reological agents and fillersetc. It’s a wall rough leveling material and it’s suitable for hand scrawlingor spraying to wall. It supplys certain sound insulation effect.

  • Cement based plaster is composedof cement as main binder, together with cellulose ether, reological agent and fillers.It’s a wall rough leveling material and it’s suitable for hand scrawling orspraying to wall.

  • Lightweightplaster mortar is made of cement or gypsum as main binder material, vitrifiedmicrobeads as main lightweight material, plus polymer additives and otherfillers. It supply advantage of material saving, noise reduction, none crack,none hollowing. It al…