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Coating & Paint
Bosson Union’s chemicals for coating & paint is mainly related to interal & external wall latex paint, wall elastic paint, colorful paints, roof waterproof coating, primer and finishing coatings, dry powder latex paint and diatom mud etc.. Our coating application laboratory keep focusing on research of improving hiding power, leveling, waterproof, breathable, delicate texture for coating and paints. And based on meeting the beautification of decorative effect, it also owns excellent durability and weatherability. Bosson Union has series chemicals special designed for coaints and paints. Such as TIONES® polymer emulsions, TIONES® redispersible polymer powders, Celose® cellulose ethers and other additives. The new lauched tasteless series products are odorless and very low VOC, which bring the lasteless product unique in building materials. It supplys powerful tehnical support and insurance for comprehensively enhancing environmental performance of coating and paints.
  • Water-borne latex paint means paints, which use water as solvent or as dispersion medium. It mainly includes interior and exterior paint, base paint, and finishing paint and so on. Paints are coated on the surface of object to form a strong film for protectio…

  • Waterborne powdered Paint is a solvent-free, water-based, solid powder forms paints. It is pollution-free, recyclable, environment friendly, energy-saving and resource-saving, reduced labor intensity etc. on spot, users only needs to add water and mix it till…

  • Diatomaceous earth decoration wall materials is a natural environmental protection materials for interior wall decoration, it’s used to replace wallpaper and latex paint. Its texture is very rich, which applied by handmade for smooth and delicate surface. Th…