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In the early 20 years of 20th century, new industries based on wood artificial board, and wood materials, wood products industry formed woodworking industry. Woodworking is based on wood as raw material, through mechanical or chemical processing; finished product still retains the basic characteristics of wood.

Adhesive is the most important chemicals in the woodworking process. Along with improvement of life quality, market is increasingly concerned inviranmental safety for wood products, especially indoor wood facilities. VOC and formaldehyde is residue, which supply the greatest harm humanity in modern indoor decorations. Global industrial organizations issued more and more strict requirement on VOC and formaldehyde for indoor decoration.

TIONES® series of adhesive products in consideration of market need, based on ensure ideal workability, high bond strength, excellent water resistance, we do also premise to control remaining free formaldehyde to minimum. We also issue a variety of optimal combination solutions to achieve both environmental protection and benefit.
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