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Skim Coat

Skim Coat (wall putty) is applied to wall before finished paints to supply leveling and coverage funtion. It’s essential layer for finished paints.

TIONES® Redispersible Polymer Powder, Celose® Cellulose Ethers and other additives can effectively improve cohesion, bond strength and durability of putty to the substrate.
  • Normal Skim Coat is composed of cement (or Calcium hydroxide) as base binder, CaCO3,polymer powder and other additives. It’s used for interior and exterior wallleveling material.

  • Flexible Skim Coat is composedof cement (or Calcium hydroxide) as base binder, CaCO3, polymer powder andother additives. It’s mainly used for exterior wall as fine leveling andcoverage material. Flexible Skim Coat supplys highadhesion strength, high flexibil…

  • Gypsum based Skim Coat is composed of gypsum as binder, CaCO3,polymer pwoder and other additives. It is a fast-seting wall leveling materialwith micro-expansion. Gypsum based Skim Coat supplys high adhesion strength,good hardness, good workability, easy to op…