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Research Institute of Oil Field Cementing Chemicals

Along with development of petroleum industry and continuous progress of science and technology in the field of petroleum engineering, all kinds of oil field auxiliary chemical additives, especially functional polymer powder additives have been widely used in various occasions of drilling, cementing and oil & gas production etc. Bosson Union’s Research Institute of Oil Field Cementing Chemicals engages in the research and development on new varieties of chemical polymer in oil field. The research direction includes polymer for drilling fluid, wellborel cement additives and other areas. The products currently developed include drilling fluid loss additives, wellbore cement fluid loss additives and new wellbore hardening accelerator, etc.
Bosson Union’s Reseach Institute of Oil Field Cementing Chemical, as important constitution of Bosson Union’s Technology Research Institute, has been closely concentrated on the latest technology of oil field chemicals and focus on research and development of new functional polymer powder materials. The Institute keeps close technical exchanges and cooperation with Sinopec Cementing, CNOOC, Halliburton and other oil companies. Moreover, the Institute maintains good academic exchanges and communications with professors of wellbore cement fields from Nanjing University of Technology, Jinan University and so on. Bosson Union’s Research Institute of Oil Field Cementing Chemicals has always abreastly moved forward with the global energy industry!