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Wood Artificial Board and Veneering
Along with shortage of wood source, products based on wood artificial board and veneering is becoming more and more popular in the market. More than 85% of households accept wood artificial board products. Wood artificial board can improve comprehensive utilization of wood, 1 cubic meter of wood-based panel can replace 3 to 5 cubic meters of logs.
TIONES® urea-formaldehyde series powder is suitable for production of wood artificial board and veneering for wood-based produccts. It supplys ideal bonding strength, low free formaldehyde, good water resistance. It’s very easy to use and the curing time can be adjusted according to actual need.

  • Wood Artificial Board is mainly refers to particleboard, MDF & HDF, blockboard, plywood, building templates and so on. It greatly improves the utilization of wood and effectively reduce the cost of furniture manufacturing

  • Veneering and edging of wooden products has very high requirement on adhesive viscosity, pot life, preload time and curing time. Bosson Union supply customized TIONES® urea formaldehyde series of adhesive powder according to actual situation from cust…