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Waterproof System

Polymer modified waterproof system mainly contains ordinary waterproof mortar, cement-based waterproof grouts, cement-based waterproof coating and inorganic plugging waterproof mortar. It is mainly used for repair of roof and internal and external wall leakage of constructions, basement seepage and leakage treatment, waterproof and seepage control for various water pools and swimming pools, civil defense projects, tunnels, granaries, kitchen, bathroom, plant, closed balcony Waterproof and impermeable.

TIONES® polymer emulsion and redispersible polymer powders are used in waterproof system. It can be covered on cement particles under ambient conditions and form a strong adhesion between cement particles and aggregate. It improve waterproof, water impermeability, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, anti-freeze-thaw, high adhesion strength. It’s environmentally friendly water-based waterproof materials.
  • Waterproof mortar is composedof cement, fine aggregates, polymer emulsion or polymer powder, appropriateadditives to get homogenous mixture. It supplys good flexibility and betterwaterproof function.

  • Cement Waterproof Grout is composedof cement and fine aggregate as the main component; by add polymer emulsion andadditives made of two-component waterproofing products. It supplys advantagesof excellent flexibility, water resistance and high adhesion strengt…

  • Cement Waterproof Paintsmeans polymer modified cement waterproof coating. It’s composed of cement, fineaggregate as the main component, together with the polymer emulsion and other additives,being made of two-component waterproofing products. It supplys high…

  • Inorganic pluggingwaterproof mortar is composed of aluminate cement as binder, together with waterrepellent, rheological additive, accelarator and other functional materials. Itsupplys with fast setting, swelling, waterproof etc. It can quickly blockseepage s…