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New technology applications

TIONES® A-1800 Hardening Accelerator

TIONES® A-1800 is a new hardening accelerator for wellbore cement produced by our unique “crystal seeds”. It covers two types: Emulsion A-1800L and Powder A-1800P. Emulsion A-1800L is a suspension containing nanoparticles dispersed crystal, Powder A-1800P is obtained by a special drying method. TIONES® A-1800 acts as seeds in the pore solution of cement slurry, boost the early hydration process of cement, especially suitable for well cementing at low temperature environments.
TIONES® A-1800 provides wellbore cementing with following advantages:
 Bring the highest acceleration efficiency of cementing slurry at low temperature
 Increase the hydration process of cement to gain maximum early strength
 Reduce transition time and gas migration
 Increase and keep solidified cement ultimate strength and durability 
 Reduce casing corrosion caused by Cl-