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Floor Self-leveling System

Floor Self-leveling system is a floor material with automatic leveling and fast hardening function on ground, which can be used as underlayer or final finishing layer.

Floor Self-leveling compounds operation procedure is simple. The construction speed is 5-10 times higher than that of the traditional manual troweling leveling. Floor Self-leveling compounds, after short period of operation, are usually available for traffic, load. It does significantly shorten the working period. Thus it greatly reduces combined cost.

TIONES® redispersible polymer powder can effectively improve the abrasion resistance, water resistance and anti-crack. It effectively prolongs the service life of ground.
  • Cement-based Floor Self-levelingCompounds is composed of ordinary Portland cement, high alumina cement, sulfuraluminum cement and gypsum in one or more as main binder, mixed with fillers, polymerpowder and other additives. On working spot, workers only need t…

  • Gypsum-based Floor Self-levelingcompounds is a kind of expansive self-leveling material with gypsum as mainbinder, mixed with fillers, polymer powder and other additives. On workingspot, workers only need to add water and mix it till to homogenous wetmaterial…