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Busson Union & Vanke
Building Research Mobile Lab
Laboratory function and detection
Mobile Laboratory Construction Background
In order to break technical communication barriers among building raw material suppliers, mortar manufacturers and real estate developer, also to satisfy continuous upgrading needs for quality reliability, cost effectiveness and extensive application fields from Vanke,  Vanke Building Research Center and Bosson Union built a long-term strategic cooperation. The two sides endeavor to work together for developing technology-leading special dry-mixed mortar product technology and establishing a strict process quality supervision system.
Since complexity exists in composition of dry building materials and coating, It will be greatly affected by site mixing construction. The traditional detection method is difficult to identify the quality of dry building materials; also it can’t identity construction’s effect in actual projects. Based upon the concept of serving customer better, “Bosson Uinon & Vanke Mobile Building Research Laboratory” equipped with professional all-round mortar testing equipments, sophisticated laboratory equipments and professional technicians was established to provide door-to-door service for customers for solving technical problem and questions. 
Mobile Laboratory Detection Ability
Bosson Union, as an upstream enterprise of dry building materials, provides professional test of product quality on Vanke’s dry building materials and paints. By the special flight service of “Bosson Union & Vanke Mobile Bulilding Research Laboratory”, it provides on-site sampling and on-site molding test for dry building materials and coating on Vanke’s nationwide construction sites.
1) On-site rapid Inspection
The Mobile Laboratory can made on-site inspection on items of consistency, density, polymer content and purity of raw materials etc. It can be stopped immediately once met any abnormal to avoid unqualified product constructions and reduce rework.
2)On-site Slurry Inspection
    Extract the ongoing construction materials on site (such as applying mortar and paints) for performance comparison test with on-site unopened raw materials, to avoid quality problems caused by non-standard application. At the same time, it reflects on-site construction quality and material quality, so as to clarify responsibility.
3) Manufacturer Supervision

 Under help of high mobility and full equipments from The Mobile Laboratory, On-site inspection can be carried out on raw materials and semi-finished products from suppliers, which can avoid unqualified or non-designated raw materials are used, so as to cut off substandard products from beginning.

Test Items List


Tested Products

Test Items

 Raw Material Inspection

Redispersible Polymer Powder

Ash content, Moisture content, PH, Film forming

Cellulose Ether

Viscosity\  Gel temperature, Ash content, Moisture content


Water reduction rate, Air entraining content

Starch Ether, etc

Thixotropy, workability


 Product Inspection

Masonry Mortar & plaster


Interior & Exterior skim coat

Waterproof mortar


ETIS Mortar

Repair mortar

Waterproof slurry

Waterproof coating

Light weight plaster Decorative mortar

Anti-cracking mortar

Plugging materials

Interior & Exterior Paints

Floor Self-leveling compounds


Water retention;

Ignition loss;


Stain resistance;

Setting time;

Initial dry cracking resistance;

Wet and dry density;

Compressive strength & Flexural strength;

Adhesion strength (Initial strength, original strength, strength after water immersion, strength after thermal heat aging etc.);

Slip value;

Wetting ability;

Sanding property;



Drying time;

Scrub resistance;

Wearresistance value;


Coating fineness;




Impermeability Strength


 Mobile Laboratory Equipment                                 

Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment Introduction

Curing Box

Curing Box is to maintain constant temperature and humidity for maintenance of concrete test template, cement test template

Muffle Oven

 Muffle Oven is to make analysis for coal quality, moisture content, ash content, volatile contact, ash melting point, ash composition and element analysis. It can also be used as a general ashing furnace.

Drying Oven

Dry materials and to test solid content.

Cement Mortar Mixer

Mixing Mortar

Flexural/Compressive Test Machine

Test flexural strength and compressive strength of cement mortar blocks.


Tensile Strength Tester

Test tensile strength of surface concrete and adhesion strength of local repairing material. 

Vicat Apparatus

 Vicat Apparatus is also named as cement consistency meter and cement consistency coagulation time tester, it use to test standard consistency of cement slurry, water dosage and setting time.


 Test dry shrinkage rate of cement mortar at each age and expansion rate of expansive cement at each age.

 Abrasion Tester

Test abrasion resistance of floor self-leveling compounds


 Disperser is effecient equipment mainly for mixing, dispersion and dissolution of paints and other slurries.

Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester

Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester is used to test surface abrasion scrub ability and wear resistance for coatings.


Reflectometer is to specify hiding ability of colorful paints, varnish paints, light color paint, colorants, pigment and other coloring agent on the substrate. It can test transparency degree of kinds of coatings, grease, film, plastic products and organic products; and test reflection rate of solid surface.


 STM Viscosimeter


 STM Viscosimeter mainly tests the consistency of paint and other products whose consistency are indicated by KU value.

 Brookfield Viscosimeter

 Brookfield Viscosimeter mainly tests viscosity for emulsion, cellulose ether and other liquid products.

 NDJ-1 Viscosimeter

 NDJ-1 Viscosimeter mainly test viscosity of cellulose ether, Modified Starch, It’s a new apparatus to measure viscous resistance and absolute viscosity of liquid.

 Wet Film Coater

 We Film Coater is to prepare film of paints or emulsion for testing abrasion scrub resistance and washable white performance etc.

  Fineness Gauge

 Fineness Gauge is to specify coating fineness.

 Coating Rod

 Coating Rod is use to prepare coating film, to test various functions of contrast ratio, stain resistance , abrasion scrub resistance etc.