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Polymer Research Institute

Along with continuously advancement of global economic integration, economy increasing and technological strength improving of China, “Made-in-China” plays an increasingly important role on the international arena, but also faces many challenges, such as market increasing requirement on product quality, green products to be more popular among people etc. . Therefore environmental protection becomes an important theme of the world today. High-molecular polymer is an important component of cement mortar additives, of which demand in the fields of constructions, bridges, roads and greening etc. keeps increasing. In such case, new green environmental polymer with low VOC , ultra-low formaldehyde content and odorless attracts more and more attentions.

Bosson Union Polymer Research Institute as a scientific research institutewith a combination of R&D,  training and industrialization of key technology research and product development, is committed to research and develop of functional and high-quality green environment-friendly polymer materials. The research direction includes polymer synthesis, modification and processing etc. of which major research directions are  functional emulsions and functional powder materials. The application of the products includes applied research on construction, bridges, roads and greening etc. The Institute has a good academic atmosphere, of which members are full of strong professional technical ability, innovation and professionalism, mainly consist of post-doctor, doctor and master. At present, Bosson Union owns two advanced laboratories in Beijing headquarters and Chuzhou modern factory. The two laboratories have a number of advanced instruments and equipment for polymer materials’ analysis, detection, synthesis and molding processing such as FTIR Spectrometer, DSC thermogravimetric analyzer, Malvern Mastersizer Micro, MFFT tester and so on. Full set of equipments for polymer materials test and detection and impeccable polymer processing equipments provide good conditions for scientific research work to guarantee the completion of scientific research projects.

Present R&D project: Application development on environmentally friendly high-performance Veova /VAC emulsion and the corresponding Redispersible Polymer Powder.