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Specific interview with Bosson Union - There is a kind of latex powder called "Bosson"

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Mr. Wang Yi , president of Bosson Union was jointed interviewed by "China Mortar" magazine and the tiles glue branch of  China Building Materials Market Association

Bosson Union has rapid grown in the recent years. Bosson Union Tech (Beijing) Holding Inc (hereinafter referred to as "Bosson Union") won the "2016 the most influence brand of pre-mixed mortar industry ", "2016  superior supplier of pre-mixed mortar industry ", and Wang Yi , the President of Bosson Union won the "2016 the leading person in pre-mixed mortar industry " etc. Therefore, Both the "China Mortar" magazine and the tile glue branch of China Building Materials Market Association invited Mr. Wang Yi the president of Bosson Union to "Mortar Salon " Discussion on the development and changes of Bosson Union over the years. The following is the record of interview.
“We have seen the rapid development of Bosson Union and a lot of awards achieved in the recent years.  Let's share lessons learned and achievements we got over the past few years.  "China Mortar" magazine reporter:
Wang Yi: A thousand-li journey  starts with the first step--the highest eminence is to be gained step by step;

Bosson Union always keep on learning. Bosson Union successful did  three times large removable lab services over the past 16 years. Bosson Union visited more than 700 corporation  cross the whole country, updating new products to all of our customers. we really feel that we learnt a lot of things in these visits. Bosson Union actively participate in exchange meetings of industry, meetings of mortar society and forum. We involved in the technical forum of Tile Association and we have greatly benefited from industry communication. At the same time, both our engineers and technical personnel positively participate in such association and meetings. Bosson Union devoted to industry standard-setting and also achieved a lot in this process. We will also continue to set up the industry standard in the future that help Bosson Union get more opportunities in learning.
"China Mortar" magazine reporter: Bosson Union recruit graduates every year. Now Bosson Union has set up scholarships in many universities. From learning to benefit society, Bosson Union made many efforts these years. Please tell us the public benefit activities that Bosson Union has done over the years.
Wang Yi: Grateful speaking, our company attained lots of support from China Mortar Association, Shanghai Mortar Association, China Tile Glue Association and our customers. Especially thanks to our customers who give us more help and support. Looking back to our history, it's impossible for us to grow up without the support of our customers. It's our responsibility to benefit our society. We recruit more and more young graduates from Jinan University, Nanjing University of Technology, Wuhan University of Technology etc. This is the seventeenth recruitment season for Bosson Union. With grateful heart we preparing talent and technology for our future.
"China Mortar" magazine reporter: We have repeatedly heard that president Wang Yi advocated to build national brands, national enterprises, national products. The products of Bosson Union have got high recognition in the market. Lots of  national spirit, national emotion behind it. Please sharing with us.
Wang Yi: From my view to the whole industry. China is not lack of superior companies, especially the companies doing business with the spirit of the brand and commission in the industry. A top excellent national enterprise is not too proud but must be priding at the brand 
"China Mortar" magazine reporter: At the beginning of 2017, please let us know the company plan of Bosson Union.
Wang Yi: Now in Su Chu Industrial Area of Chuzhou, our new plant has been trial producing. We continue to further improve our plant of Chuzhou. Our new plant is built with industry 4.0 standards, the intelligent high-end manufacturing are our most important goal. We also have other plans in 2017, for example our new products. The new products are under evaluation stage. After evaluating, we will be launched three or four products in the market. We have done plenty of  experiments in the oil field. We are also being carried out projects with CNPC, Sinopec and CNOOC. We also begin to use the car chassis paint, chassis protection and so on. We will keep going in-depth research and develop the non-toxic and tasteless series products which is environment friendly  and that we have launched in 2017. We are planning to encourage the nearly three years of college graduates to go out to do exchange communication and study. They came to Bosson Union with a dream. I often say that Bosson Union is the cradle of dreams. At annual meeting, I told these young people that don't forget their initial hearts. I hope they will success and also hope that our business success.