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Grouts and Grouting Agent

Grouts and Grouting Agent own properties such as good fluidity, fast setting, high early strength, high final strength, no shrinkage, micro-expansion etc. It’s mainly used in a variety of basic engineering grouting and a variety of rush-repair works.

TIONES® redispersible polymer powder can improve grouts products bonding strength to substrate, and significantly improve abrasion resistance and avoid shrinkage to form cracks.

TIONES® superplasiticizer can effectively reduce water dosage, improve fluidity of wet mortar, and effectively increase adhesion strength.

TIONES® defoamers eliminate air bubbles or control foam in the wet mortar, such to improve density of finished mortar, and then improve bonding strength, compressive strength, and water resistance.
  • Grouts Mortar is composed of high-strength materials asaggregate, cement as binder, plus materials with high fluidity,micro-expansion, and anti-isolation. Powdered grouts mortar is very easy touse, it only needs to add certain amount of water and stir to homo…

  • Grouting agent is mainly composed of cement, high-performancesuperplasticizer, surfactant, silicon calcium micro-expansion agent, plus low-alkalilow-heat Portland cement. It owns micro-expansion, none shrinkage, highfluidity, self-compacting, very low bleedin…