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Drilling and Cementing
Drilling fluid can increase drilling speed, reduce mining costs, which has been received generally attention. Since the 1970s, polymers have been widely used in drilling fluids and cementing additives, and have made great achievements in extending the variety of chemical products for cementing wells and improving product performance.
TIONES® Series Drilling Fluid Polymer Additives and TIONES® Cementing accelerator provide customers with ideal solution to reduce overall costs and improve customer benefits.
TIONES® series of oil and gas wells cementing additives supply outstanding effect in increasing and improving performance of cement slurry and some special wells need to meet cement construction requirement. It can significantly improve compressive strength, Elasticity, corrosion resistance and permeability and other comprehensive performance. Then it improves cementing quality and extends the life of oil and gas wells.

  • TIONES® series of drilling fluid polymer additives for the preparation of drilling fluid, owns good compatibility, salt tolerance and high temperature resistance and filtration loss effect. It can significantly improve slag discharge, cooling and lubr…

  • TIONES® cementing accelerator is mainly composed of natural crystal-basedenvironment-friendly raw materials, it provides excellent early strength forcement slurries with very low dosage. And it’s helpful to supply higher finalcompressvie strength and…