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Flooring, furniture and handicrafts
Solid wood products have very high demand for adhesives, such as bonding strenth of adhesive with wooden interface, adhesive’s cohesion, waterproof performance. In addition, moisture content of wood products changes with environment changes, which directly lead to shrinkage and expansion of wood products, it caused anti-crack resistance is particularly important.
TIONES® urea formaldehyde series resin powder can provide excellent bond strength, very low free aldehyde and outstanding waterproof performance.

  • Solid wooden flooring and wood composite flooring is made of different species of wood plates by staggered lamination. It overcomes shortage of wooden flooring of moisture expansion and drying shrinkage with good dimensional stability. It retains natural wood…

  • TIONES® urea-formaldehyde series resin powder is mainly used for solid wood furniture and handicrafts in manufacturing process involved in joggle joint, finger joint, butt joint, surface veneering, laminating and so on. Bosson Union’s variety of prod…