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Family Decoration Adhesive
Adhesive is a variety of stress materials, which own sticky substance, it can bond 2 separate materieals together. There are three types of adhesives, liquid, paste and dry powder. TIONES® flooring adhesives provide excellent bonding strength, flexibility, anti-crack and excellent waterproof performance.
TIONES® wallpaper glue can ensure environmental protection based on advantage of excellent bonding strength, mildew resistance, waterproof and long durability.

  • Floor glue is mainly compoased of polymer emulsion, with tackifying resin, and other functional additives. It’s mainly used for wood flooring, PVC sheet, sheet material paste installation.

  • Wallpaper glue is a construction special adhesive, which uses natural starch as main raw material, made by polymer extraction. It supplies excellent wallpaper paste and very long duarability.