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Innovation and Sustainable development
Green Development
Green symbolizes life. Green Development is the expectation for the extension of lives of all kinds of creatures, furthermore,also is the pursuit on sustainable development of human economic society.
Bosson Union strive to practice the new concept of green development, advocateing green, low carbon, recycling, sustainable production and life style, strengthening the cooperation on ecological and environmental protection, and building ecological civilization. Bosson Union responds to national advocacy by regarding ecological concept as our sustainable development concept. Let’s promote “Made in China” to be the glory of people, make it as the synonymous of high quality, high efficiency and environmental protection 

Into the ecological era, human society’s development and environmental protection should no longer be contradictory. Bosson Union will continue to innovate green technology, found high-quality environment-protective products, and won’t live up to the mission of the times.

Bosson Union’s sustainable development
Bosson Union always regards scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, the green environmental protection as our responsibility, constantly discovers the innovative value of chemistry and builds a natural balanced ecological environment for mankind. We will be people-oriented, concerned about environmental protection, never stop seeking ways to improve, and continue to provide better sustainable solutions.
We are close to human life and pay attention to social progress.
We contribute to the sustainable development of China
In the future development, Bosson Union will collaborate with the global polymer materials companies to build a platform for cooperation and development.
We respect every partner and pay attention to the common value.
We adhere to integrity and abide by the laws and regulations

Vision values

Our vision is to actively promote the development of technology, find premium innovative solutions, and continuously improve the core competitiveness.

We strive to explore new application fields to make future of the world  more beautiful.

The core of our technological innovation is to provide energy-saving green products to meet the social and user's environmental requirements.