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Focus on Innovation,Challenge the Future——2017 Half Year Sales Meeting and Ceremony of the 17th of College Graduates Employees has been Held in the Star-City, Bosson Union

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On July 1st and 2nd, 2017,Aiming on innovation,Challenging the future——2017 Half Year Sales Meeting and Ceremony of the 17th college graduates  employees has been held in a historic city of  Changsha. Review of sales of the first half year of 2017, thinking and planning for the development of future.
Severe marketing competition, at the first half year of 2017 a new round of market competition is getting more tough, but it is the best of time for Bosson Union that it is full of opportunities and uncertainty. Science and technology are changing rapidly, and industry 4.0 has arrived, Bosson Union is keeping pace with the time,  the system and equipment the intelligent production have been first deployed in domestic in our facility, at the same time, New product research continuously making new breakthrough, and exploring new areas of application, providing more leading technical products and services for customer, striving to practice the concept of unlimited service for customer. Along the way, the prospect of the growth of Bosson Union is promising, with the youth and passion of the Bosson Union, we writing a chapter of winning of enterprising and self-improvement.

The photo of sales team of BOSSON UNION

During the meeting, Feng Haibo, director of operations center- Guangdong, shared the peers that the impressive performance and experiences of technical service of the southern district market.  Mr. Feng said we providing value experiences of products e to each clients, not bragging to clients”. This is the practice action that Bosson Union is customer oriented and selling superior service to our clients. Zhi Jing,  director of import and export, analyzing market changes of international business of the first half of the year ,summarizing advantages and disadvantages of our products with our strategy. In the later meeting, the head of each operations center reported on their work according to the operation of the market area. 

New employees from new graduates of universities who are the best time in their life, also the most valuable asset to our company. The youth employees of company are our future and expectation of value. 17th graduates join the group of Bosson such fresh blood will bring infinite potential and young passion for Bosson Union. At the meeting, Wang Yangyang, the fresh graduate of 17th  employees made a statement on behalf of the new, the word is full of youthful passion. 

The fresh graduates making a statement

The fresh graduates introducing themselves

Jianxun Du, director of production, presenting the intelligent new plant of our   production system of Chuzhou.

The Speech of Jianxun Du -director of production department

The speech of Xiaofei Hu- secretary of the board

As a leading company in the industry, Bosson Union grow under competition and challenging. Mr. Wang Yi, President of Bosson Union lectured at the meeting, he expects all of us will cultivate a strong heart and a strong mind in future work, to build our dream of life by working hard on it, exercise and take challenges, to be a company pioneer full of intellectual, full of effective fight force, full of vigor and spirit! He emphasis that innovation is the only way to solve the changing marketing, handling problems for customers with smart mind, and providing innovative and high-quality solutions. At the end, Mr.Wang sincerely hope that let us together hand in hand, fulfilling our commission of Bosson Union over the next 5 years, 10 years of brilliant development, the promising honor of future will be carrying with our dream and sweat, with steps and persistent faith, diligence, peak climbing again!