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Building Facade Finishes

Building Facade Finishes are materials used for exterior decoration and protection such as decorative mortar, paste textured mortar, colorful stone paint, etc. Through selection of different materials, colors, and applied methods for external walls, it achieves various colorful artistic style, showing different characteristics and beauty.

TIONES® dispersible polymer powder, Celose® cellulose ether and other additives can improve the adhesion strength, abrasion resistance, flexibility, stain resistance, reduce water absorption and maintain good breathability.
  • Decorative mortar is composedof cement, activefillers, non-organic aggrassive, polymer pwoder, waterrepellent and other chemical additives, to obtain certain color, lines andtextured exterior wall decorative materials.

  • Pasty Textured Mortar is compoasedby polymer emulsion as main binding material, together with sand, and specialfunction additives. It’s a pasty external wall decoration material.

  • Colorful Stone Paint – Drytype is composed of polymer powder as main binder, colorful sand, specialfactotional additives and mix together to get homogerious mixture. Onconstruction Site, workers only need to add water and mix, then spray ortroweling by hand …

  • Colorful Stone Paint –pasty type is composed of polymer emulsion as main binder, colorful sand,special factotional additive. It supplys texture of natural stone, which is an idealsubstitute of natural stone products. It also owns fire-proof, waterproof, anti…