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Tiling System

Tile System mainly includes indoor and outdoor wall and floor tiling and tile grouting.

TIONES® dispersible polymer powder, Celose® cellulose ether and other additives can meet bonding strength for various tiles and substrates, such as natural stone tiles and composite stone tiles, large size tiles and dense sintered porcelain products Material surface, which density is high with very low water absorption, bonding with substrate is particularly important. Bosson Union developed TIONES® redispersible polymer powder products special for CTA can improve bonding strength, flexibility, workability, longer open time and antislip and other functions The TIONES® waterproof polymer powder and silicone water repellent can make tiles seam from outside water intrusion, thus effectively extending tiles lifespan.
  • Tile Adhesive is composed of cement, sand, polymer powder and otheradditives. It’s mainly used for wall and floor tiling.

  • Tile Grouts is composed ofcement or gypsum as main binder, sand and polymers etc. it’s used for fillingthe seams of ceramic tiles, Mosaic, stone, glass, aluminium plastic board etc. itsupply waterproof, anticrack, stain resistance and decoration functions et…