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Bosson Union Technology
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Research Institute of Construction Mortar

Bosson Union’s Research Institute of Construction Mortar mainly engages in applicationresearch on functional polymer powder and polymer emulsion used in the construction materials, preparation and application research of high-properties construction mortar and paints, various products’ technical service etc. Bosson Union Research Institute of Construction Mortar takes concept of innovation and development, combines with the latest developments and market conditions of new building materials in domestic and oversea, and do research on application technology and industrialization in this field, in order to gain breakthrough and creative progress on key technological research then can continuously provide source power for enterprise products’ upgradingand technological innovations. To serve as "unlimited customer service practitioners”, according to customers’ requirements, Bosson Union’s Research Institute of Construction Mortar provides customers all-round technical services regular professional training courses and theoretical and technical guidance.
The Institute consists of backbone of technicians and a number of distinguished professors from universities. It owns complete and advanced equipments of building materials preparation, molding, maintenance and testing to provide strong technical support and guarantee on institute’s research.