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Successfully on the Petroleum Exhibition of Russia and good reputation obtained- Bosson Union

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Recently, Many of TIONES® new products of polymer additives to be showed on “Russia International Oil & Gas Chemicals and Equipment Exhibition” , Bosson Union and joint venture partner , Yong-Yu(Korea)attended the exhibition which is the world's top exhibition of energy industry. " Theme with " Devoting on the functional polymer to benefit the global energy industry", Bosson Union brought products of high-performance polymer and professional solutions to customers of petroleum industry, attracting great attention from customers all over the world on the exhibition, established a good reputation in the world for "Made in China".

International Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia

 The team of Bosson Union to Russia

Bosson Union paying high attention on the demand of exploration and development of oil & gas and on top of trends of industry, advocating to economic benefits  on producing oil & gas without influence on environment. Several TIONES@ new product of polymer additives of drilling and cementing were shown to meet the industry demand, attracting many exhibitors of overseas. Many of customers showing great interested in TIONES® new product of polymer additives, asking for the performance of product in detail, Customers are looking forward getting further business cooperation.

Many foreign business men being attracted to Bosson Union‘s booth to negotiate

Exhibitors deeply interested in products of  Bosson Union

Business Discussion between Bosson Union and Foreign customers

High Technology, Business Development abroad
 With the business expand to worldwide, Bosson Union focuses on providing solutions to various complicated exploitation environment, bringing economic benefits. As a top Chinese enterprise focusing on R & D and production of polymers, Bosson Union will always strengthen the strategic cooperation with the world's petroleum enterprises, vigorously expand overseas markets, help the sustainable development of the global energy industry, Making made in China as high end qualified manufacturing honor to the worldwide.