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Joint filling System

Joint filling mortar is used in tiles, concrete slabs, gypsum boards and wall panels for filling joint and caulking treatment.

Joint filler requires high strength, waterproof, no shrinkage, high flexibility. After adding TIONES® redispersible polymer powder, it improves bonding strength, flexibility, increase density, reduce water absorption and anti alkali efflorescence. TIONES® hydrophobic agents can improve stain resistance of mortar surface and reduce water absorption.
  • Cement-basedJoint Filler is made of cement, sand, redispersible polymer powder with avariety of chemical additives. It supply low shrinkage, micro-expansion, highflexibility, high tensile strength. It’s mainly used in foaming cementpartition board, polystyre…

  • Gypsum based joint filleris made of gypsum as main binder material, together with redispersible polymerpowder and other additives. It’s a neutral system of joint filling materials, whichis mainly used for joints and bonding of a variety of gypsum boards.